Scanarea si administrarea documentelor

In the course of technical development, scanners have approved as an ideal hardware component to digitise document stacks efficiently. Especially in cooperation with windream, scan solutions can capture and transfer paper documents into an electronic format. Scanners have not only become more and more performant, but they are also very convenient to handle, especially when connected to suitable software solutions. They even allow you to automise the complete capturing, indexing and archiving process in the ECM-system.

With Kofax Capture, Quickscan Pro and windream Imaging

In order to digitise paper stacks, we offer powerful scan solutions like “Kofax Capture for windream“,“Quicksan Pro“ and “windream Imaging“. These software solutions can e.g. be combined with multifunctional devices of our partner Konica Minolta.

The solutions can do much more than only digitise paper. Thus, documents can e.g. be captured, indexed and archived in windream in one workstep only. In this context, it is especially interesting that the system detects the storage locations of scanned information automatically. Even the indexing of captured information can – e.g. in forms – be automised so that manual entries by users are reduced to a minimum. The solutions analyse the documents which have been digitised within a specific process and generate index information from the contents. These indices are used by windream to administer the documents.

Optimised for Konica Minolta devices

A specific software which has been developed in close cooperation between
Konica Minolta and windream even allows you to directly enter index criteris at the displays of the Konica Minolta multifunctional devices. You would not even need a computer for this. And if manual indexing should become necessary in certain cases, the Clickreader solution of our partner One Click Solutions will help you. This software identifies character strings in electronic documents. The strings are highlighted on the screen and can be assigned to a windream document as index information directly and with one mouse click only.


  • High-speed digitalisation of heterogeneous paper documents and stacks
  • Capturing, indexing and archiving in one single workstep only
  • Automatised index extraction
  • Specialised software integration for Konica Minolta devices
  • Optional add-on solutions of our partner One Click Solutions

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