Managementul descentralizat al documentelor

Does your company operates many distributed plants, branches and offices? Do you need to exchange business-related information beyond geographic borders? We have already thought about that – and offer individual solutions.

Independent of place and time

With the windream Web Portal, companies use the internet as a platform for global access to information which has been stored on a windream Server. Authorized users can access information from anywhere in the world  and can read, edit, archive or create new documents. This only requires access to the internet via a common browser; no other software installation is required. The software is available in two different variants: windream Web Portal allows you to retrieve, view and download documents, whereas the extended professional version provides all other ECM functions which are available on a local windream system. These include e.g. the direct creation and editing of folders and properties and also document uploading.

Speed on the data highway

Especially when network bandwidth is limited, windream Proxy Server efficiently manages data traffic by using advanced cacheing methods. Proxy Servers are ideal tools to use the cache, as they organise the complete traffic between headquarters, branches, plants, offices, departments and divisions automatically, without having to invest into expensive hardware components and without any administrative input. In connection with the windream ECM system, the Proxy Server grants distributed enterprise locations a completely uncomplicated information management. Applying not only to information access and distribution, this also applies to targeted and speedy retrieval from the complete information pool of all associated enterprise divisions.


  • Internet-based access to the document collection of a windream Server
  • Online connection to the ECM system with complete range of ECM functions
  • Upload and download of archived documents
  • Convenient data exchange even via inefficient networks
  • Quick retrieval from the data archive

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